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Eligibility Criteria | Terms and Conditions


Who can apply?

  • Over 18

  • Born in or resident (for a minimum of two years) in Ireland or Northern Ireland

  • Registered with the Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) and therefore are practicing in one of the DCCI recognised craft & design disciplines: http://www.dcci.ie/craftspeople/clients-and-members/clients/register-with-dcci/

  • Meet the category criteria of either of the two Future Makers categories, as outlined below.


Student & Recent Graduate category criteria:

Currently studying, training or undertaking an apprenticeship full-time in a design or craft based discipline OR be one year graduated from full time study in a design or craft based discipline. A minimum course duration of 12months is required. Student card or other proof of above education will need to be provided. Post-graduate students should apply to the Emerging Maker category.

Emerging maker category criteria:

Currently in post-graduate studies in a craft or design discipline or graduated from full-time study between 2-6years ago at the date of entry to Future Makers. And/or have established a craft or design enterprise in the past 6 years. Proof of education history, self-employed status or company incorporation will need to be supplied.


Please note there are a number ‘cut offs’ which apply to the programme to enable fair and open competition.


  • If you have received any Future Makers award or support in the last 12 months you cannot apply at this time, an exception to this is if you are moving from the Student & Recent Graduate Category to the Emerging Maker Category.

  • If you have received an ‘Overall Winner Award’ in either the Student & Recent Graduate Category or the Emerging Maker Category you cannot win this title again.

  • If you enter the Emerging Maker Category under the qualifying condition that you are 2-6 years out of full time study but have not yet established your enterprise, your Emerging Maker status will be taken from this date. This means that if you subsequently set up a craft or design business this does not reset the clock and allow you another six years in which you can apply to the programme.


The Education Team at DCCI do their best to set the eligibility criteria for the Future Makers programme to be fair, clear and verifiable. We note that we cannot foresee every individual’s situation and that people come to practice in this sector in many diverse ways. The DCCI reserve the right to make eligibility decisions on applicants who fall outside of the above criteria on a case by case basis.

Ineligible Applications

Applications will be considered ineligible if:

  • Your application or supporting information arrives after the submission deadline

  • You don’t fill out all of the relevant sections of the application form or you don’t provide all of the information requested

  • Your application does not fit the purpose of the specific support applied for

  • Images submitted are not of recent work; work submitted must be less than 2 years old

  • Images submitted received a Future Makers support or award in 2019 or 2020

  • You have commenced or completed actives proposed in your application prior to awards/supports being announced

  • There is any evidence of canvassing of Future Makers judges by yourself or on your behalf

  • Your proposal is already being funded by the Design & Crafts Council Ireland

Terms & Conditions

Awards are offered subject to the availability of funding.

Successful applicants will be profiled on the Future Makers website and social media. Successful applications must agree to:

  • Complete proposed activity by closing date for submission of report, Date TBC.

  • Provide a written report (template provided), in relation to the impact/benefits receiving the award or support had on their study, training or career. If a written report is not provided, applications may be disqualified from entering further DCCI competitions and initiatives in the future.

  • Successful applicants must acknowledge the Design & Crafts Council Ireland on any promotional material associated with the work submitted for Future Makers.

  • The Design & Crafts Council Ireland reserve the right to use images submitted as part of the Future Makers application process in the promotion of the Awards and Supports. All appropriate credits will be used, and the makers are still the owners of these images.

  • The Design & Crafts Council Ireland reserve the right to withdraw or redistribute funding in the event that applications received are not of sufficient quality.

All decisions in relation to Future Makers Awards and Supports 2021 are final.

Payment Terms


Please read the below carefully to decide which support is most suitable for your application.


Future Maker Awards

Recipients of Future Makers awards will receive their award in full via bank transfer as soon as possible after the award ceremony. Winners will be profiled on our website and social media. A template will be shared with all winners to be completed by an agreed date. We invite winners to keep us updated about how the award has impacted you, any new work created and to share any stories/news/opportunities you might have as a result of your award.

Materials Support Awards (Student)

Materials supports are designed to assist students in creating new and innovative work that they would not otherwise be able to produce. Materials supports can be used for prototyping costs, purchase of craft/design related materials and shipping of the same. This category can now include the purchase of machinery/equipment to produce a body of work also.


Professional Development Support Awards (Student)

Professional Development supports offer assistance for students to develop the business and marketing side of their practice. This support is designed to help prepare students for leaving college. Money can be used towards professional images of work, design work associated with promoting your practice as a maker or designer, costs associated with set up of a website, for business training/mentoring for example relating to finance, marketing, pitching or management. Costs that are NOT covered under the professional development support include material costs, training that is not business related, print or online advertising (including social media advertising), equipment related to photoshoots such as cameras or lighting.

Travel and Training Support Awards (Student & Emerging Maker)

Travel and Training supports offer assistance for students and emerging makers to travel aboard to avail of training and experiences that are not open to them in Ireland. This could involve attending a master class overseas, a research trip to a specialist facility, taking part in a conference or partaking in a residency. Expenses can include flights, travel within host location, accommodation for the duration of the event/course/residency, some material expenses directly connected to residencies or courses, museum/conference/course fees, studio rental costs associated with a residency. Please note booking confirmations are not proof of payment and must be accompanied by payment invoice/receipt. Costs that are not covered under the travel and training support include taxis, shipping of work home after course or residency, accommodation beyond the duration of the proposed activities (i.e. no more than one night before and one night after the activity is taking place), material costs that cannot be directly connected with purposed activities.


Exhibition Support Awards (Emerging Makers)

Exhibition supports are designed to support emerging makers to showcase their work both at home and aboard. This support can be used for an independent solo show or to take part in a group exhibition or trade fair. There are many costs associated with setting up or taking part in an exhibition. Eligible costs for the exhibition support include transportation of work, flights/accommodation if exhibition is overseas, printed materials including exhibition panels, photography costs, posters and catalogues, honorarium for speakers, general supplies such as paint/filler/nails etc., opening night expenses, gallery technical support, insurance of works for the duration of the exhibition.

Costs that are not covered under the exhibition support are advertisement in paid print/online media, or public liability insurance for venue.


Studio Support Awards(Emerging Makers)

Studio supports are to facilitate the development of emerging makers ability to create work independently after graduation. Studio supports can be used for specialist materials/tools and pieces of studio equipment.


Please Note: The above lists are guidelines and are not exhaustive. If for any reason if you are unsure if an expense is allowable, or if the circumstances of your proposal change, you must clarify this with the DCCI in writing BEFORE any spend occurs.

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