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How to apply - Student

In order to apply for Future Makers, you will be asked to fill out an application form. Please read the instructions below, which will give you an overview of what's included in the form. 

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Section 1

Personal Information

In the first section of the form you will be asked to fill in your personal contact information and your educational information.

At this point you must upload a copy of your student card or other proof of enrolment on your named course.

You will also be asked for website and social media links relating to your creative practice. Judges will not view these but this information is useful to us to promote the work of Future Makers winners.

Section 2

Registration with DCCI

In order to apply for Future Makers you must be registered with DCCI. 

If you are NOT registered you can find out about how to register at the below link:


If you ARE already registered with DCCI you will not have to compete this section, simply tick the box to indicate that you are already registered with us. If you are NOT registered with the DCCI you can automatically register while completing you application to Future Makers.

You will be asked to agree to the T&Cs of registration. You will also be asked a number of questions relating to your preferences and permissions for GDPR.

Section 3

Support Category and Creative Proposal

In this section you will be asked to choose which of the three supports on offer you wish to apply for:

  • Materials

  • Travel & Training

  • Professional Development

You will then be asked to upload images of your work*. Make sure these are labeled correctly with you name and image number. Example:


The form will only accept .jpg and .jpeg files, the maximum file size is 3MB.

In the text box beside each image you need to enter the title of the work, materials used, dimensions, year created, photography credit. Example:

Bowl yellow


10cm (H) x 5cm (D) x 5cm (W)


Artists image

*The form will not submit if you have not upload a minimum of three images.

Student App 3.3 .png

Section 4

Maker Statement (800 characters - approx 150words)

Creative Proposal (2100 - approx 350 words)

In this part of the form you will be asked to outline your approach to your practice. This is your opportunity to tell the judges about why you do what you do. You are selling yourself and your work here so be confident!

You will then be asked to fill in your Creative Proposal, this is where you outline what you plan to use the Future Makers support for if you were to win. You will need to give details of your proposed activity, where it will take place, what materials you are buying etc. You should show the impact that the support would have on your practice and how it would progress your creative development.

Saving and Submitting your application

The form gives you the option to 'Save' your application as you go. If you click 'save' at any point you will be sent a link to the email address you have provided. You can click on this link to return to your in-progress application at any point.

Once you click submit you cannot make any further changes to your application.

REMINDER! If you save your application you must return to the link and click submit before the deadline for your application to be accepted.

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