Emerging Maker Winner

Aoife May Soden

Title:Double Bubbles

Materials/Techniques Used:Blown Glass

Photographer credit:Kenny Back Bredo Photography

Student Winner

Bonnie Kavanagh - NCAD


Materials/Techniques Used:Press-moulded paper porcelain shapes arranged and fused together using slip and high firing.

Dimensions:30cmsx20cmsx15cms approx

Photographer credit:Philip Lauterbach

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Niamh Flynn

Title: ‘SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT’ Materials/Techniques Used: The Sakalava embroidery is native to Madagascar and forms shapes of lang lang flowers – one of Madagascars national symbols. Usually sewn onto cotton I have chosen to combine it with stretch mesh tan fabric. Cherry wood original piece. Orgnaic Navy Jersey drape gathered by elastic. Photograph: Aron Cahill