Student Awards & Supports 2017

Future Maker Student Award 2017

1 Award of € 2,000

To reward excellence, creativity, technical ability and to give support to students demonstrating most potential to develop their creative practice beyond their current course of study. The Future Maker Student Award offers professional support and the opportunity for students to build their profile at a very early stage in their career.

DELTA Award 2017

1 Award of € 1,500

The DELTA award, which is generously sponsored by the NFETL ((The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education), is open to both students and emerging practitioners. This prize will go to the winning design of a 2D or 3D award art-piece which will be produced by the winner for presentation to discipline groups who have made a commitment to enhancing and transforming teaching and learning at Dublin Castle in December 2017.

Further information available here


Innovation Award 2017

1 Award of € 1,000

This award provides support to a maker wishing to explore the use of new technologies in their creative practice. The award is intended to enable students to push the boundaries of their current practice through the innovative use of 3D printing and scanning, rapid prototyping, water and laser jet technologies, open source design.  The award also seeks to promote collaboration between craftspeople, designers and other sectors. It also recognizes imaginative use of skills, design thinking and imaginative craft making.

Design Award 2017

1 Award of €1,000

This award recognizes the design ability of an emerging maker that is concerned with producing thoughtful work that demonstrates a high level of design thinking skills. This award offers support to an emerging maker demonstrating the potential to develop a range of functional design work that reflects the needs of the user. This award is intended to enable students to engage in producing inventive, useful, and aesthetically attractive, well made objects that reflect fresh design thinking.

Fixperts Creative Award  

 1 Award of €500

This award recognises students who are engaged in promoting creativity and social values through design, fixing and making. It rewards young makers who demonstrate imaginative use of skills through fixing. Fixing projects that are captured in mini documentaries introducing the people, communities and story of the process behind their creative project.  This award is intended to support students who are connecting design and problem solving, understanding design at human scale and demonstrate the enjoyment of direct, positive application of their creativity and social engagement.

Submissions must be a sub 3min video of your work/project.

Please e-mail your video link to before the deadline of April 21st 2017

You must include the following information in your submission about your Fixperts Project.

Submission Criteria

  1. Team name (include each team member’s name, and their design disciplines e.g. visual communication, product design, textiles etc.)
  2. Name of College/ University
  3. Project Title
  4. Project Description
  5. Outcomes of working collaboratively
  6. Contact Details (e-mail, phone)

 Materials Supports 

6 Supports of €500

Contribution to the cost of materials for the development of a specific piece or body of craft and design based work that requires new, diverse or special materials for its creation.

Residencies/Training Supports

2 Supports of €1,000

Towards the cost of national or international design and craft based residency programmes or specialised course in a craft and design discipline during college or summer term. Residency funding aims to support students in the development of their practice and skills and to gain experience of international trends and best practice.

Exhibition Supports

2 Supports of €500

To participate in a relevant exhibition or trade event, to participate in an international or national student exhibition or networking event that will enhance learning relating to specific craft and design discipline or process. The Exhibition award aims to provide the opportunity to learn, network and build contacts in an international arena.


About Futuremakers

The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland's "Future Makers Awards and Supports" provide support for the next generation of makers to learn, experience, investigate, develop, create and shape the future of Irish craft. Future Makers fund: research, training, residencies, materials, exhibitions and much more.

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